Applied Rope/Rescue in Disruptive Environments: V1 August 24-25, 2024 - Pala, CA

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Applied Rope/Rescue in Disruptive Environments (AR2DE)

Version 1 – 2-day Basic

Course Description

When operating in an austere environment, preparation and knowledge can become a life saver.  Basic rope knowledge, which includes system construction can be a force multiplier when operating in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous, Threat-containing, and Time-compressed (VUCA-T2) environment.  Following the PACE (Primary-Alternate-Contingent-Emergency) algorithm we will give you the tools to make informed decisions, with limited gear, and be confident in your rope management skills to aid in whatever obstacle lays ahead.  This course will introduce you to light-fast rope management techniques, gear, and theory.  We utilize one of the lightest rope kits available on the commercial market that has been developed over decades with America’s Special Operation Forces, SWAT teams, and mountain search & rescue groups.  We use a battlefield proven teaching technique that will instill the knowledge passed on in an easy-to-understand environment and ensure both mental and physical recall when needed.

At the conclusion of this class, the student will demonstrate proficiency in 5 basic knots, understand basic anchoring techniques, become familiar with our rope access kit and specialized rope construction, be able to descend a rope in a controlled manner, be able to secure a load and lower in various configurations, perform various rappel techniques, and retrieve lines without having to leave gear. 

This course examines patient packaging considerations and how to move small distances with a patient utilizing Small Party Assisted Rescue techniques. In addition, we will review various emergency medical procedures structured throughout the program from a realistic manner that provides you the skills and mindset to manage casualties during high-threat tactical and rescue operations.  

The course also includes training on patrol planning and preparation, types of patrols, movement techniques, navigation and route selection, observation and reporting, ambush and counter-ambush tactics, security and cover, communications, immediate action drills, and live-fire target engagements with a rifle and pistol.

This program incorporates live-fire training to simulate real-world scenarios and is delivered in a format where you may be running, walking on an incline, carrying heavy objects, moving casualties, and more. This course will be conducted in an outdoor setting, which may occur during times of inclement weather, so please dress accordingly. 


  • LE/MIL/S&R/Motivated Civilians


  • Basic firearms proficiency
  • Physical conditioning

Length of Course – 2 Day

Location – Pala Ranch (Pala, CA)


  • Identify key job performance requirements and standards
  • New Technology
  • Equipment selection and inspection
  • Single Rope Technique
  • Knots, hitches, etc.
  • Anchor craft
  • Insertion/descending and lowering
  • Edge Transitions
  • Belays
  • Mechanical Advantage (MA) systems overview
  • Full Kit drills / Mission Scenarios
  • Casualty Care considerations
  • Casualty packaging, Litters
  • Patrolling tactics
  • Live-fire target engagements

Equipment Needed

Rope/Safety training equipment provided; however, you may bring your current personal kit for use & evaluation.

  • Rifle with optic & adjustable sling
  • Pistol w/magazines
  • Tactical/Pistol belt
  • Rifle/Gear pack
  • Personal Climbing Harness (not required as these will be provided)
  • Comfortable clothing/Proper Footwear/Outdoor activity gear appropriate for weather
  • Climbing/Leather working gloves
  • 100 rounds of rifle ammunition
  • 50 rounds of pistol ammunition
  • Note Taking Equipment
  • Water & Snacks (Lunch will be onsite)
  • Additional appropriate gear for the season (rain jacket, etc.)


Please contact us at for any additional course or equipment specific questions/concerns.

Applied Rope/Rescue in Disruptive Environments: V1  August 24-25, 2024 - Pala, CA