The Brass Half Full Project is a movement designed to create a kinship of shared values and believes in self-reliance, personal growth and knowledge seeking. It is our belief that those who have prepared themselves to react to any dangerous situation with learned and mastered skills will not only save their own lives, but the lives of others.

Self-Reliance – Be dauntless in your efforts to secure your own outcome.
Personal Growth – Reject the feeling of contentment and evolve.
Knowledge Seeking – Pursue humility & continually examine the state of your experience, wisdom, and reasoning.


Our mission is to produce quality content related to firearms, shooting, tactical medicine, gear, tactics, mindset, a general preparedness lifestyle and much more. We also aim to provide high-caliber training to individuals looking to expand their understanding and awareness on a multitude of topics. However, knowing is just half the battle. As Bruce Lee once said,

 “Knowing is not enough, you must apply.”

 Welcome to the Brass Half Full Project...OWN YOUR OUTCOME!


 Medic/Former LE-SWAT Sniper/Veteran Founded